Google Pay adds biometric authentication for sending money

Google Pay adds biometric authentication for sending money

If you have an Android 10 phone such as the Pixel 4 or OnePlus 7T, you will now be able to use biometric authentication when you're making money transfers via Google Pay, AndroidPolice reports. Instead of creating a more natural-looking photo, the color dramatically changes from bright red to stark yellow. As of version 2.100 of the app, it is possible to use either facial or fingerprint recognition to authentic transactions in the app.

The feature is now only available for Android 10 devices and is found in the Sending money settings section of the app. It is most likely a shortcoming in Google's algorithm, but we don't know why this would affect some devices and not others. The new toggle now lets you authenticate with your unique features along with the PIN. Middle & Right: New biometrics toggle and face unlock in action.

For now, biometric authentication only applies to the sending of money from within the app; it can't be used to authenticate NFC payments in stores.

If you can't sit back and wait for your app developer to add support for the Pixel 4 face unlock via a Play Store update, you can as well head over to this XDA thread and this one for more insights into how to get going with the Fingerface app. Since the API has only been introduced with Android 10, you'll need a device that's already upgraded to the latest OS version. Now available, the updated app is based on Google Camera 7.2 and provides several new features to the older Google phones.

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