Indian toddler stuck in well found dead during rescue attempt

Indian toddler stuck in well found dead during rescue attempt

"Through the hackathon, individuals and startups can come up with most practical solutions to rescue children from borewells", Babu told TOI.

In June, a two year-old boy died after spending four days trapped inside one in Punjab state.

The body that started decomposing was taken out and sent for postmortem. Earlier, TN government official confirmed that his body was in highly decomposed state. Sujith was playing at his home in Nadukattupatti village when he accidentally fell into an abandoned borewell on Friday evening. Around 550 people were involved in the rescue operation.

This was also not complied with by authorities this time around, he said.

Later that night, he fell further down to about 90 feet.

Authorities had earlier said Sujith was initially trapped at a depth of around 26 feet but attempts to pull him up by knotting ropes around his hands led to him slipping to 70 feet.

On October 25, he had fallen into a 600-feet borewell located near his house.

"This latest deplorable incident of Sujit in Tamil Nadu's Trichy has again brought to the message of its dangers of uncovered bore wells and tube wells as many of small children fallen to deaths into such unsafe abandoned opened box well and tube well (sic)", the petitioner says, according to Live Law.

Dear friends, It's been a heartbreaking Deepavali for all of India, especially Tamil Nadu....another precious life has...

Politicians had started a vigil at the site and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi offered their "prayers" in Twitter statements as national attention focussed on Tiruchirappalli.

The toddler, Sujith Wilson, was unconscious but breathing until Sunday morning, but rescuers have been unable to check his condition since then. Union health minister - DR Harsh Vardhan expressed his condolence.

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