Vegans to sue Burger King over 'Impossible' Whopper

Vegans to sue Burger King over 'Impossible' Whopper

The Impossible Whopper is not now available in New Zealand.

A group of vegans launched a lawsuit against Burger King for an alleged blunder by the fast food company in their manufacture of their new Impossible Whopper, according to Fox News on Monday.

Williams also cites several other similar complaints from vegans online who claimed to have had their Impossible Burgers cooked alongside regular beef patties.

US customer Phillip Williams is the lead plaintiff in a proposed class-action lawsuit surrounding the Impossible Whopper, Burger King's answer to the plant-based meat craze sweeping through the fast-food industry.

Williams further claims in the lawsuit that Burger King's menu makes no "disclosures on its menu" that the patty-cooking method would "result in meat by-products on the burger". Surely there are some parents out there who'd like to encourage their children to cut back on beef, though you'd wonder how much they overlap with Burger King's existing demographic.

The case is Williams v Burger King Corp, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, No. 19-24755. The website also states that guests looking for a meat-free option can request a "non-broiler" method of preparation.

A spokesperson said customers could request their Impossible patty to be cooked on a different broiler to the meat, however vegans and vegetarians say they were never informed of such an option.

Williams claims he was horrified to discover the imitation-meat burger he ordered in one of BK's Atlanta stores shared grill real estate with the beef version, according to the suit.

The suit accuses Burger King of false advertising and benefiting monetarily from offering a vegan option that is not in fact vegan. This marks the first time that any plant-based meat alternatives have been explicitly sold explicitly to children on this wide of a scale. Either way, expect culture warriors to view this plant-based kids menu as the latest sign that big business is trying to indoctrinate children against meat. #BURGERKING #ImpossibleWhopper Is not vegan, ' tweeted one outraged vegan.

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