49ers players on suspended Tim Ryan: 'We've got your back'

49ers players on suspended Tim Ryan: 'We've got your back'

Per NFL Research, Jackson on Sunday tallied his fifth game this season with three or more passing touchdowns and 30 or more rushing yards, breaking a tie with the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl champion and two-time regular-season MVP Rodgers from 2016.

"I know Tim personally and listened to the dialogue and saw it written and honestly, I wasn't as outraged as anybody else", Sherman said Thursday.

He added that he didn't think anybody in the San Francisco locker room took offense to Ryan's statement.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was the AFC's best offensive player in the month of November.

Ryan made the remark in his weekly appearance on KNBR radio station's Murph and Mac morning show. "But when you consider his dark skin with a dark football with a dark uniform, you could not see that thing", Ryan said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

What if everybody was Richard Sherman when Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Al Campanis said on national television in April 1987 that blacks "don't have the necessities" to be presidents, GMs or managers of Major League Baseball teams before adding blacks couldn't swim due to a lack of "buoyancy".

Ryan apologized Thursday for his comments. Of course - I think he knows now he could have used better judgment with his words. He also threw for a touchdown.

A week after San Francisco 49ers broadcaster Tim Ryan said Jackson's "dark skin" helped him hide the football, Jackson wore white sleeves with a white glove against the Buffalo Bills.

"I regret my choice of words in trying to describe the conditions of the game", Ryan said in a statement. "Lamar Jackson is an MVP-calibre player and I respect him greatly. I want to sincerely apologize to him and anyone else I offended", he wrote. "Tim has expressed remorse in a public statement and has also done so with us privately", 49ers officials said.

"We are disappointed in Tim Ryan's comments earlier this week, and have suspended him for the upcoming game". He was a TV analyst on Fox for 11 years and has spent the past six seasons calling 49ers games on radio.

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