Baby Yoda is the Key to Disney+'s Survival

Baby Yoda is the Key to Disney+'s Survival

Bob Iger also said it was his call to hold off on releasing Baby Yoda merchandise to avoid spoilers ahead of the Disney+ launch. Or in this case, a Baby Yoda by any other name would be just as adorable. Fans are looking forward to seeing more of Baby Yoda's adventures and how he affects the plot in the future, which has a lot of us excited.

Baby Yoda, or "The Child", has garnered so much buzz on the internet that it is being found in almost every medium you can think of - from coffee mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, and phone cases. In fact, followers are additionally clamoring for Child Yoda merchandise, however Disney simply weren't prepared for the hype that might accompany the character's arrival and didn't get merch prepared for Christmas.

Regardless of whether Apple greenlights the cutest emoji, this galaxy is already saturated with Baby Yoda paraphernalia. The show itself was searched more than 126,000 times. That's my Baby Yoda take. The answer is Baby Yoda.

The only thing that could possibly make this better is if Baby Yoda was a living child in The Sims 4, and you could adopt him via the adoption feature.

It's a great look for Baby Yoda and the warm sweater has got to be more comfortable than that oversized sack he's stuck waddling around with in The Mandalorian as Mando continually puts his life in danger. So much so, that now there is a petition to introduce a Baby Yoda emoji into the mix.

Likewise, The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda is kind of the be-all end-all in pop culture right now, dominating memes and our hearts. As Iger told TIME, "As soon as those ears popped up from under the blanket, and the eyes, I knew".

This image provided by Disney Plus shows a scene from "The Mandalorian".

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