Facebook Deleted 900 Accounts That Were Using AI Based Fake Profile Pictures

Facebook Deleted 900 Accounts That Were Using AI Based Fake Profile Pictures

The announcement marked the latest move by the huge social network against manipulation by accounts created with fake identities to amplify a political group or cause.

The Epoch Media Group denied Friday that it was linked to accounts tied to another organization called the BL, though it acknowledged the BL employed many of its former workers. "The BL is now banned from Facebook", the company said.

Facebook claims that it has removed accounts operated by the website BL that are linked to The Epoch Media Group.

This network spent about $ 1,100 for ads on Facebook that was paid for in USA dollars and Pakistani rupees.

"The BL was founded by a former employee and employs some of our former employees", editor Stephen Gregory said in a post on the Epoch Times website.

While the technology used to create the fake profile photos was most likely a far cry from the sophisticated AI systems being created in labs at big tech companies like Google, the network of fake accounts showed "an eerie, tech-enabled future of disinformation", said Graham Brookie, director of the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab.

Fb on Friday mentioned it took down a community of accounts utilizing pretend identities whereas spreading pro-Trump messages on the social community and Instagram.

In a separate enforcement action, the company also removed an operation that was gaming its social network in the country of Georgia. The network used fake accounts, artificial amplification, and, notably, profile photos of fake faces generated using artificial intelligence to spread polarizing, predominantly right-wing content around the web, including on Twitter and YouTube. Snopes published a story last week criticizing Facebook's apparent inaction on the issue.

Separately, Facebook has also removed 15 pages, groups and accounts for engaging in "coordinated inauthentic behaviour" on Facebook and Instagram that were linked to individuals associated with an Indian IT firm, Silver Touch.

These pages spent around $70,000 for ads on Facebook, paid for in Indian rupees.

In August, Facebook banned ads from The Epoch Times after an NBC News investigation detailed how the newspaper was secretly running pro-Trump Facebook ads under alternate accounts. The newspaper has nearly 6 million followers on Facebook. Banks then asks the question, "W$3 hich Facebook advertising policies did The Epoch Times violate before you closed their main account?"

"In a statement, Epoch stated that it had" no relation to the site BL".

Smaat was working for 'high-profile individuals, ' Twitter said, and several government departments in Saudi Arabia, using automated tools 'to mask the overall platform manipulation originating from these accounts'.

Twitter, on the other hand, claimed that it had blocked almost 88,000 accounts linked to Saudi state-backed "information operations", in violation of its manipulation rules.

"Investigations are still ongoing, but our initial findings have not identified links between these accounts and state-sponsored actors", the spokesperson added.

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