Meng Wanzhou wins right to more documents involving arrest

Meng Wanzhou wins right to more documents involving arrest

A growing number of Canadians are watching out for a bid by China's Huawei Technologies to construct its 5G mobile network in Canada amidst weakening relations in between the 2 nations.

Huawei's director of finance lawyer has won a court battle after the judge asked the Attorney General of Canada to submit more evidence and documents related to the arrest Meng Wanzhou, according to a court ruling released on Tuesday.Meng legal team has contested his extradition in Canadian courts on the grounds that the United States that use it to gain economic and political, and that he was unlawfully held, searched and interrogated by the Canadian authorities to act for the U.S. federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Meng's extradition hearing will begin on January 20, 2020, in a federal court in Vancouver.

On his way into this morning's cabinet meeting - the first anniversary of the detentions - Justice Minister David Lametti says it troubles him that they haven't had any access to legal counsel.

Throughout the day on December 10-the first anniversary of the detentions-Liberal cabinet ministers spoke about the priority the government has placed on securing their freedom.

Canada's leaders can't continue to allow two Canadians to remain unjustly imprisoned in a case of obvious bullying.

"We will continue to work tirelessly to secure their immediate release and to stand up for them as a government and as Canadians", he said. There are existing committees that could look at issues about the Canada-China relationship, she said during question period, "and we look forward to seeing how the committees decide to manage their own business".

Meng remains under house arrest in the Vancouver area while her extradition hearing winds its way through the courts.

In fact, word out of China this week is that the two Canadians will soon be tried and most certainly convicted of the espionage charges laid against them, after which they will face the dire consequences of the Chinese penal system. In reality, credible reports say the Uighurs are suffering a multitude of abuses at the hands of their Chinese guards.

The Liberals, with the support of all opposition MPs but the Conservatives and one Green MP, passed a series of votes on supplementary spending estimates.

The Chinese ambassador to Canada warned last week that Beijing would institute "very firm countermeasures" if the sanctions were adopted.

According to Meng's legal team, the CBSA and the RCMP delayed their arrest in order to collect evidence incorrectly, such as viewing the contents of their devices, to assist in the investigation and prosecution of the United States.

McKnight points to a recent demand by China that all government institutions stop using foreign-made computers and software within three years as evidence that the country has hardened its stance against foreign powers who challenge Huawei's expansion plans. "The Chinese judicial departments handle cases strictly in accordance with the law to protect the legitimate rights of the Canadian citizens mentioned above".

Seven-in-10 Canadians say human rights and the rule of law should take greater precedence in Canada's relationship with China, compared to boosting trade opportunities.

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