Nick Cannon calls out Eminem in new song The Invitation

Nick Cannon calls out Eminem in new song The Invitation

Making it very clear that he did not take Nick's diss to heart, Eminem continued to mock him by mentioning another type of employee that only "bougie" people usually have.

Yesterday (Dec. 9), Nick Cannon shocked the internet with a diss track he called "The Invitation" which goes at Eminem in the latest of their back and forth which has lasted a couple years now. In retaliation, Nick made a decision to get payback through his own song. After turns from his Black Squad crew, Nick closes out the track with a flow inspired by Em's own "Renegade".

In response, Eminem played what he said were voicemail recordings of Carey during his 2005 Anger Management Tour, and name-checked her on "Jimmy Crack Corn" (2007) and "Bagpipes from Baghdad" (2009). Cannon also claimed Eminem was caught by his chauffeur on video having oral sex with a man.

Following the song's release, Cannon responded on his Power 107 FM show, Nick Cannon Mornings.

"I know you don't never do no talking, but Nick is family", Knight says on the track.

Carey replied with the song "Why Are You So Obsessed with Me?" from her Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album. This was in response to Eminem calling out Mariah Carey.

He accuses Slim Shady of supporting Trump ("You voted for Trump, bitch, admit it") and calls him a "drug addict".

Many fans on twitter are eagerly waiting for Eminem's comeback.

Built around an instrumental of Jay-Z's Eminem-featuring "Renegade", the Nick Cannon recruited Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips, Prince Eazy, and Conceited for this new tune, and sees lines that claim Eminem is far too removed from his glory days.

In the end, let the two of the boys fight because Mariah Carey is doing just fine!

"Call Kim, somebody get Hailie and that other kid you raising that ain't even your baby". Not even 24 hours after its release, the 47-year-old rapper took to Twitter, writing, "U mad bro?" But we'll keep you posted.

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