Camila Cabello brings dad to tears with emotional Grammys tribute

Camila Cabello brings dad to tears with emotional Grammys tribute

Not only that, The singer dedicated her performance of "First Man" to her father who was in the audience.

While singing this heart touching song, Cabello descended the stage and went straight to her father where she hugged him tight as behind her, was being played the old memories of her childhood along with her father that caused her to be emotional.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello might have kept their poise and walked separately at the red carpet of 62 Annual Grammy Awards, but the couple was seen having all out fun at the after party. And Mendes is nominated for best pop duo or group performance alongside his girlfriend Camila Cabello for their song "Senorita". The award went to "Outdated Metropolis Road" by Lil Nas X that features Billy Ray Cyrus.

She explained that she was emotional because she was missing him while she was on tour.

Regular trims, cowlicks, and daily styling are the reality of getting a haircut with bangs, but then there's celebrities like Camila Cabello who wear them so effortlessly, you're convinced you should get them anyway.

Camila Cabello carried out her music "First Man" on the Grammys on Sunday - and serenaded her dad in the course of the efficiency.

She went on to say that the National Basketball Association star changed her life. Not only did the surefire Pro-Glow Foundation held its own on the red carpet (where the lights set up by paparazzi made it ungodly level hot in photos), it furthermore lasted throughout the complete Grammy performance.

"When I was 16 and going through what felt like an excruciatingly painful period in my life, I first saw Kobe's MUSE documentary, and the mamba mentality is the only thing got me through every single performance. I don't suppose we knew what to do with these feelings".

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