No new cases of coronavirus as 195 Americans return from Wuhan — CDC

No new cases of coronavirus as 195 Americans return from Wuhan — CDC

More than 100 deaths have been reported.

There have been more than a thousand confirmed cases in China, including cases outside Wuhan City.

"And this is just in the United States", Brown says.

But as this coronavirus outbreak dominates the news, experts are pointing out that there's already a virus circulating in the US that has been far more deadly: the seasonal flu.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, the new coronavirus has not yet reached Arkansas.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now conducting enhanced passenger screening at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, in response to concerns regarding the Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced Tuesday that they are increasing the global risk assessment posed by the virus from moderate to high risk.

Azar said he has directed $105 million to fight the outbreak.

That plea has been answered, at least to a certain extent. Lufthansa announced that it would be suspending flights to China until February 9. It was not immediately clear whether that will include scientists from the CDC. The deadly coronavirus has reportedly killed 170 and infected over 7,700 till now.

"We have one patient under investigation and no confirmed cases", said Department of Health spokesperson Danyelle McNeill. There's one exception, though. Test results are expected in the coming days. That's exactly what the first US patients did.

"It does appear to be transmitted in a similar way to influenza", she says, from airborne particles that can come from a sneeze or a cough. And I want to commend them for that. The novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain that has not previously been identified in humans. And obviously, as more information becomes available, we would have to change our operations if indeed that was a significant issue.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus and the flu? And epidemics are driven by the openly sick, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious disease chief of the National Institutes of Health. Research also is under way to develop a vaccine or treatment.

Due to the outbreak of the virus, hundreds of Americans who are in Wuhan, China are being evacuated, but one American man said he isn't going anywhere. Some, including US diplomats and their families, are being airlifted out. Secretary Azar skirted that question when asked at today's news conference. "We expect the passenger to be transported to a local hospital". There will be physicians on the flight.

If passengers from the chartered flight show no signs of Coronavirus and leave the base, they will continue to be monitored by public health officials at their destinations for the remainder of a period lasting 14 days.

Still, "this is a very fast-moving, constantly changing situation", Azar added.

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