"Our Rights Are Not for Sale": Palestinians Reject Trump's Middle East Plan

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, however, tore into Mr Trump's deal as "completely unacceptable". That position is held by much of the worldwide community, which views the settlements as illegal.

"It is meant to help Prime Minister Netanyahu survive his current political and legal struggles as well as to shore up support for President Trump among pro-Israel voters in his re-election campaign", said Michele Dunne, a former State Department specialist on the Middle East now at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. I am pleased to say that, after three years of work, we have made a breakthrough.

Speaking as US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was due to arrive in the United Kingdom for talks, Mr Corbyn asked Mr Johnson: 'Will you make it clear that the British government will stand for a genuine internationally-backed peace plan rather than this stuff proposed by Trump yesterday?' Through this plan, we have established a clear path to a final peace agreement that meets the core requirements of both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

"It must end the Israeli occupation and enable Palestinian self-determination in an independent state of their own alongside a secure Israel".

The plan says this can only happen when the Palestinian wholly accept Israel's new borders, disarm completely, remove Hamas from power in Gaza and agree to Israeli security oversight on all of its territories until a point in the future when it deemed ripe for withdrawal. Under our vision, no Israelis or Palestinians will be uprooted from their homes or denied their civil rights.

It said Jerusalem's holy sites, sacred to Jews, Christians and Muslims, should be open to worshippers.

What's left - the areas to the east and the north of the barrier - would become available for a capital of a future Palestinian state according to the plan.

What he's saying: Trump said his plan would create a Palestinian state with a capital in parts of eastern Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera's Harry Fawcett reports from West Jerusalem.

Trump noted that he has done a lot for Israel.

Egypt, the first Arab state to make peace with Israel, encouraged the Palestinians to "undertake a careful and thorough examination" of the proposal. A "conceptual map" accompanying the plan shows a disjointed Palestinian state, with Israeli and Palestinian enclaves linked to their respective states by bridges, tunnels and roads. They argue that his policies support only Israel. Our plan does not ask Israel to take additional security risks. But this time might be different, especially if Israel proceeds with annexation. It calls for $50 billion in global investment in the Palestinian territories and neighboring Arab areas. It will also serve as a platform for the United States to continue working to advance normalization between Israel and Arab states, unlocking massive economic benefits and helping ensure stability across the region.

"That which is postponed to after the elections will never happen", Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, a hard-line ally of Netanyahu, tweeted Wednesday. (Ret.) Benjamin Gantz, the two top Israeli political leaders, have both shown enormous courage by publicly coming forward to support our vision.

"They have a flawless track record of blowing every opportunity they've had in their past", Kushner said Tuesday on CNN of the Palestinian leadership.

At this point - and only at this point - the Palestinians would receive $50bn of investment promised by the US. But to address them, they should identify the areas they would like to improve and agree to negotiate with Israel.

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