Teens rescue koalas from Australia bushfires, social media sends love

Teens rescue koalas from Australia bushfires, social media sends love

Experts at Flinders Chase National Park estimate 25,000 koalas have died in the fires, which is half of the population of the animals there.

"We are seeing kangaroos and koalas with their hands burned off - they stand no chance". In a video, two teenagers driving around to rescue koalas has gladdened hearts on social media.

It has claimed two lives with outback pilot Dick Lang, 78, and his 43-year-old son Clayton Lang killed when their vehicle became trapped by flames near Parndana.

The clip revealed chilling scenes of burnt animal corpses lining a road in Batlow in New South Wales, one of the worst hit by the infernos over the weekend.

A video taken by the unnamed teens is from Kangaroo Island and it shows at lease seven koalas (including a mother with her baby) sitting in a auto. While 5 koalas lounge on the automobile seats and the steering wheel, a mom koala is seen within the boot of the automobile.

Their cousin, who shared the video originally, said that they left behind the animals that seemed to be fine, LadBible reported. "We are just trying to collect as many live ones as we can". "Thank your cousin for saving these sweet babies", stated one other.

Bushfires are ravaging Australia's Kangaroo Island and NASA recently showed the devastating impact of the blazes in satellite images. They stated that they exclusively took animals that seemed most stricken and reported that round 60 % of the koalas they got here throughout had burned to loss of life.

That could have a devastating effect on koalas more broadly, as the Kangaroo Island population is the only group that was chlamydia-free.

"The Kangaroo Island dunnart is our main species of concern and it looks like its entire known [habitat] range has been fried", Pat Hodgens, an ecologist with Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife, told the newspaper.

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