Some spring breakers are still hitting beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic

Some spring breakers are still hitting beaches amid the coronavirus pandemic

DeSantis made the comment on "Fox & Friends" after images of students on spring break crowding Florida beaches surfaced this week, despite officials' encouragement of social distancing. Elsewhere around the county, videos of spring breakers have gone viral as an example of what not to do during the pandemic: namely, drinking to excess in packed bars.

The "party's over" for spring breakers, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Thursday.

The Clearwater City Council voted to close down Clearwater Beach for two weeks, starting March 23 at 6 a.m. I think they're blowing it way out of proportion.

Questioned about Clearwater not closing the beaches until Monday, DeSantis said pictures of bikini-clad revelers frolicking on the beaches will soon come to an end.

A total of 19 cases have been confirmed, including one who isn't in Florida. "I think it's doing way too much", she said. "But they don't realize that they could be carrying lots of bad things home to their grandmother and grandfather and even their parents", he said.

Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida, who previously served as the state's governor, urged people to "get off the beach" after the state's current GOP governor refused to shut down the beaches this week. This virus ain't that serious.

Atlantis Walker downplayed the magnitude of coronavirus, and suggested addressing hunger and poverty deserved more attention than the pandemic.

"We're just trying to roll with it", said Bryson Taylor of Ohio. "That's just not something that we're going to allow and so we want to work constructively with the locals to get the best solutions". As The Washington Post's Philip Bump reported, although younger Americans aren't likely to die if they contract coronavirus, a quarter of those at risk of being infected are under the age of 60 and younger people can spread the virus without knowing it.

"I still see photographs and videos of people sitting in outside cafes, all over the world, and having a good time and hanging out in crowds".

"Will someone please update us on how their grandparents are doing in three months?"

"But besides that, we're just trying to have the best trip we can", he added.

"Whatever happens, happens", Sluder said.

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