California developing plan to re-open as virus spread slows

California developing plan to re-open as virus spread slows

CNN reported the suit was filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the District of California.

"Connecticut has worked in harmony with regional governors in NY and New Jersey combating this virus and we are making progress", said Lamont.

Governors Jay Inslee, Kate Brown, and Gavin Newsom announced on Monday a joint vision for reopening their states' economies following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The governors stressed that its coordinated response effort will not hinder each states' ability to build a "state-specific plan".

The announcement comes hours after the governors of New York, New Jersey, and CT confirmed they are working on a similar plan to re-open parts of the northeast.

"Now it is time to start opening the valve slowly and carefully while watching the infection rate meter so we don't trigger a second wave of new infections", New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement on Monday. These figures are much lower than urban cores of a comparable size such as New Orleans, Detroit, Boston, and Washington D.C.

Each state will have individual reopening plans, but according to state leaders, large-scale reopening efforts will only move forward if the rate of the spread of the virus declines.

Oregon, Washington and California have recently been praised for managing to avoid the toll the coronavirus is taking on New York City and some other areas. Instead, it outlined common principles, including that "residents' health comes first", that the states must work together and that data must show a that viral transmission is slowing significantly before broad reopening of the states' economies.

Newsom tweeted on Monday that the "West Coast is guided by science". So, people shouldn't get their hopes up that social distancing will be completely gone anytime soon.

"We've got to continue to practice physical distancing, social distancing, and safe practices that have helped us bend this curve and mitigate what some had thought would be a surge that was exponentially worse than so far it has been", Newsom said.

Under a worst-case scenario and without any mitigation efforts, state models predicted a peak of almost 700,000 hospitalizations from COVID-19, Ghaly said Friday.

"While we have to be careful, we also can not stand still", the governor said.

Meanwhile, The Sacramento Bee reported earlier this month that 71 members of the Bethany Slavic Missionary Church near Rancho Cordova or people associated with congregation members have come down with the virus. It's the largest outbreak worldwide and mitigating it has caused high unemployment numbers and negatively impacted the stock market.

"Our states are different, but there's strength in our interconnectedness".

"Protecting vulnerable populations at risk for severe disease if infected". "When we return to work, do we all go back on the same day, or do we stagger that?"

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