City of Iowa City recommends face masks for transit riders

City of Iowa City recommends face masks for transit riders

What are the details?

According to Henry, a non-medical cloth mask or face covering, while helpful in containing your own droplets, will not protect you from COVID-19, nor is wearing one required of you if you can keep your safe distance from others.

But wearing a mask is not a reason to disobey shelter-in-place orders and people should still only venture out for necessary trips, he says.

"We are asking for hand-sewn face masks".

An accompanying video was also posted, wherein Mrs. Trump explained that examples of public places where facial coverings might be worn include grocery stores and pharmacies.

The majority of people do not have masks and health officials are urging people to use cloth masks and not to purchase surgical or N95 masks to reserve them for hospitals.

Cloth masks are washable homemade fabric masks and clothing items, such as scarves and bandanas, that are worn in a way to cover the mouth and nose.

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"There is a lot of contradicting information coming out about the use of face masks".

"It prevents you from touching your mouth or your nose, that way you're not transmitting the virus to yourself", he says. A further study that was concluded on 6 April 2020 stated that there was no conclusive evidence to support the widespread use of face masks against the spread of the coronavirus.

Because the virus is commonly transmitted via exhaled droplets this means that mask wearing for people who appear healthy can help to stop transmission of the new coronavirus virus to other people. Children below the age of two have a higher risk of suffocation with masks and it is advisable that you should not make them wear a mask. And in the event that you can't DIY on, you might consider to buy face mask online at DrMasks. But please don't forget to take it off carefully, and wash them immediately when you returned home.

If the mask is visibly soiled or ripped and damaged, throw it away.

Babbitt also says if everyone is wearing a mask, it will likely reduce the transmission of asymptomatic carriers.

It is essential to observe greatest practices when placing on, carrying, and eradicating a material masks.

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