Ireland PM registers himself as doctor to treat his people from corona

Ireland PM registers himself as doctor to treat his people from corona

The Irish Times, who broke the story, reports that the Prime Minister will be tasked with assisting in assessment of potential coronavirus infectees over the phone. Now he is going back to work as a doctor as his country battles the novel coronavirus outbreak. He wanted to help out even in a small way, ' a spokesperson for his office added.

Mr Varadkar said that work was being carried out on when restrictions can eventually be eased and that it was being done by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET). He worked as a junior doctor in Dublin's St James's Hospital and Connolly Hospital.

The Taoiseach was one of thousands across Ireland who answered the call to return to the health sector. He left medicine to become a full-time politician and had his name removed from the medical registry in 2013.

Varadkar belongs to a medical family: his partner Matthew Barrett, his two sisters and their husbands are all part of the medical fraternity.

If you look around Europe and the situation in other countries, Ireland can say that it's doing well. Around 50,000 people applied in less than three days.

There are now 4,994 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ireland.

The country has been locked for more than a week, and people are not allowed to travel more than 2 kilometers from their home.

As of Sunday afternoon, Ireland had almost 5,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

He added that ensuring people over 70 "see many more birthdays in the years ahead" was "worth that sacrifice for the next few weeks". Of the ones, 158 folks had died of the an infection, whilst 25 had recovered.

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