Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC: What We Know Now

Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC: What We Know Now

Announced earlier this year, the Pokemon Company has revealed a little more information about what the update will bring. The Jungle Healing movement allows healing itself or another Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon Zarude is ready to come to Pokemon Sword and Shield. But being a Mythical Pokemon, you can't grab him by normal means in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Zarude will be making its debut when the Isle of Armor will be launched this coming June 2020.

The move is called Jungle Healing. Also, although the Jungle Healing movement is now exclusive to Zarude, other characters may use it later. As it is Zarude's signature move in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the official website reminded people only it will be able to learn it.

Zarude learns the move at level 90 and it's a unique move that only Zarude can learn. With nearly a quarter of a century of history, Pokemon now has its Pokemon Sword and Shield role-playing game developed by Game Freak and making a lot of fans happy. The character will increase his HP and eliminate the negative status effects.

The game is now available on Nintendo Switch. In the elections, Pikachu disappointed many.

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