Tesla Shows Off Their New Ventilator Made With Model 3 Parts

Tesla Shows Off Their New Ventilator Made With Model 3 Parts

By the time winter arrives (summer in the USA), General Motors is hoping to have built 10 000 respiratory ventilators.

Tesla's ventilator developed to help meet the demand caused by COVID-19 will be "heavily based on Tesla auto parts", according to a video the company released. Tesla is taking advantage of components that are familiar, reliable and available, an engineer says in the video.

The governor noted that there are parts of ventilators that have to come from other countries.

The Financial Times has reported that the devices donated by Musk to some New York City hospitals were not the type of ventilators that have been in demand for use in intensive-care units.

After being forced to close major factories and lay off hundreds of contractors, Tesla is focusing on what it can still do: build ventilators out of vehicle parts.

Since the Tesla-designed ventilator is just a prototype, it is now unknown if the company will be able to produce and manufacture a well-finished device anytime soon and in high-volume.

Cuomo's top aide, Melissa DeRosa, noted that while Tesla is trying to ramp up in order to get things running as soon as possible, nothing has materialized yet.

"The problem with ventilator construction is the supply chain", Cuomo told reporters in a press briefing. Coronavirus lockdown: Latest updatesNew York has become the epicentre of the fight against COVID-19, with more than 122,000 cases in the state and 4,159 deaths. It's not clear whether the outbreak has reached a plateau in NY or if the number of deaths per day will continue to drop. He was criticized for potentially sending bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP) machines rather than the invasive machines typically used to treat coronavirus patients with breathing issues. Cuomo has since announced that the Department of Health has approved a process to convert BiPAP machines into ventilators.

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