Gilead in talks with generic drugmakers for development of remdesivir in India

Gilead in talks with generic drugmakers for development of remdesivir in India

The authorisation for Remdesivir does not exclude that other drugs, such as Spanish company PharmaMar's Aplidin, may also be approved in the near future.

IICT has also started technology demonstrations for drug manufacturers such as Cipla so that the manufacturing can begin in India. remdesivir, which is manufactured by Gilead Sciences is the first drug to treat COVID-19 and has been approved in emergency use in the USA based on clinical data.

As for remdesivir, Gilead will have to transfer the technology to make the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in India, post which the formulation, which is an injectable, can be made.

Gilead Sciences Inc's antiviral drug remdesivir may be approved in Japan for domestic Covid-19 patients when the health ministry's review board is held tomorrow, Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said.

The government official added that some of the Indian companies are already in touch with the US-based company for a voluntary license to manufacture the drug here.

These were the details of the news Japan set to approve remdesivir for coronavirus treatment for this day.

However, it is worth noting that Gilead Sciences, the company that has developed Remdesivir, holds a patent that allows the drug to be manufactured only for research, not commercialization. One early evaluation confirmed that about two-thirds of extreme Covid-19 instances improved when handled with the drug, in keeping with a report revealed in April.

In that 1,063-patient trial, patients who received the Gilead drug recovered in 11 days compared with 15 days for those who received a placebo.

The difference in mortality rate was not statistically significant.

Expectations have grown that the drug will help treat patients with severe symptoms, though there is concern over whether sufficient supplies can be secured.

Multiple trials of remdesivir are nonetheless beneath manner.

The company now faces a conundrum: either mass-produce the drug to satisfy the rising global demand or license the drug to others, surrendering some of the windfall for which it may have hoped.

The government is also pushing ahead with the approval of Avigan, an anti-flu medicine developed by a Japanese company, for use in treating COVID-19.

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