Google enables dark mode for its Google app

Google enables dark mode for its Google app

Instead, the app will detect the display settings of your device and switch between the light and dark modes automatically. The same happens with the Light Mode, with the function that follows the general configuration of the system. Google said the update is going live for anyone using an Android 10 device, and iOS devices on iOS 12 or 13. Dark mode will help create a more unified look across the apps on your smartphone.

A number of apps, operating systems and services got dark modes in 2019.

Google is trying hard to bring the dark mode across all its apps. If that's set to a dark theme, the app will be in dark mode.... With this new addition, this leaves Maps as another prominent Google app that hasn't yet gotten the mode.

Google SearchLiaison tweeted, "Starting today & fully rolling out this week, dark mode is now available for the Google App on Android 10 and iOS 12/13".

The app will set its preference according to system settings by default on Android 10 and iOS 13.

Keep in mind Google has been rolling out dark modes across all its apps within the a year ago, including Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Fit.

Google app's dark mode is already available for some phones, but watch for the feature rolling out globally later this week.

On Android phones running Android 9 or earlier: Open the Google app and tap the More button, then tap Settings.

The feature has been in the beta version for some time. The rollout will begin today and reach everyone by the end of the week. The same thing will occur if you head to and click install from the URL bar as well and, additionally, the uninstall process can happen from all the places you'd expect: even right from the Play Store.

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