Trump says he learned a lot from Nixon: 'Don't fire people'

Trump says he learned a lot from Nixon: 'Don't fire people'

Fresh demands for the resignation or impeachment of U.S. Attorney General William Barr have started stacking up since the Department of Justice on Thursday dropped its case against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, which critics have condemned as a decision created to politically benefit President Donald Trump.

McEnany, a Harvard Law School graduate, said at a White House press briefing that the Federal Bureau of Investigation could wrongfully target other people if there's not enough attention on the Flynn case, which the Justice Department dropped on Thursday.

Pressure from Trump allies to drop the charges intensified last week after partially redacted documents turned over to Flynn's defence showed more about the FBI's thinking before interviewing Flynn.

The memo also cites what it describes as uncertainty within the FBI over whether Flynn had lied, noting that the agents who interviewed him reported that he had a "very "sure" demeanor" and that then-FBI Director James Comey had said it was a "close" call.

This is just the latest twist in a three-plus-year odyssey of Flynn, who rose to the highest level of President Donald Trump's administration when he was named Trump's first National Security Advisor and occupied an office just feet away from the President in the west wing of the White House.

The FBI set out to interview General Michael Flynn, when they had no predicate for any investigation of any crime.

More from The Hill: Trump has fired numerous officials in his administration, including multiple people associated with the Russian Federation investigation.

The motion by the government to dismiss the criminal case against Michael Flynn
The motion by the government to dismiss the criminal case against Michael Flynn

The Justice Department filed a motion to dismiss the charges with U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan, who has presided over the case and has a reputation for fierce independence.

The Justice Department in recent weeks provided to Flynn's attorneys a cache of documents that figured prominently in conservative media stories alleging that FBI corruption was at work in the investigation of Trump's former national security adviser.

He said he was unaware of it at the time, but had "felt it was going to happen". Pence recently said he's inclined to believe Flynn.

"In fact, it was laudable", contained "nothing inconsistent with the Obama administration's policies, and ... was in USA interests", the attorney general said.

"FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok testifies at the Committee on the Judiciary and Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Joint Hearing on Oversight of FBI and DOJ Actions Surrounding the 2016 Election" in Washington on July 12, 2018. It doesn't matter what political party you're in, or, you know, whether you're rich or poor. In February, Barr and other senior department officials abandoned a tough sentencing recommendation by their own career prosecutors in Stone's case after Trump publicly lashed out at the prosecution team.

Bombshell court documents released casting doubt by the FBI's motives in the Flynn case played a role in the Justice Department's decision to withdraw the charges.

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