Clemson football players test positive for COVID-19

Clemson football players test positive for COVID-19

Clemson athletics has been hit hard by the coronavirus with 28 student-athletes testing positive since returning to campus earlier this month, the university said Friday.

SC announced 1,081 people tested positive for the coronavirus, a state high for a day, Friday.

Last week, the school said two other football players, as well as a men's basketball player, tested positive during the school's initial run of 169 tests.

Each member of the program who tested positive was notified by the school and will be isolated for at least 10 days, while anyone in contact with them will be self-quarantined for at least 14 days, in concurrence with Clemson's guidelines.

More than half of the players that tested positive were asymptomatic; Raynor notes, too, that there were no hospitalizations. They underwent a period of social and physical distancing for seven days prior to arriving on campus and for seven additional days once they arrived in the Clemson area.

Clemson has administered 315 tests since the school was given the green light to resume on-campus athletic activity.

College football is not the only sport experiencing positive coronavirus tests.

"Texas had 13 football players test positive on Thursday". SMU announced five positive tests for athletes this week.

Eleven NHL players have also tested positive for the virus since the opening of NHL Clubs on June 8, the league confirmed in a statement. SMU, according to the report, had five positive tests, and it said Kansas State, Alabama and MI have all reported positive tests, too.

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