IPhone 12 Won't Include a Charger or EarPods

IPhone 12 Won't Include a Charger or EarPods

A previously rumoured 20W charger will be available separately, he says, while the EarPods are presumably no longer necessary thanks to the rise in Bluetooth alternatives - not least Apple's own AirPods.

Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are set to launch later this year and we're hearing from YouTuber EverythingApplePro that there's a chance at least one will support 4K video recording at up to 240fps. Kuo also believes that Apple will be bundling its iPads with 20W fast chargers - a contentious topic ever since reports emerged that the upcoming iPhone 12 smartphones would ship without a charger in the box at all.

What do you think of this rumor of Apple possibly not including a power adapter with the iPhone 12 lineup?

Another reason, according to 9to5Mac, is that it will reduce the size of the iPhone's packaging "considerably" to help lower the company's freight costs and reduce the environmental impact of shipping millions of iPhones.

The controversial move will apparently offset the production costs that Apple will incur from supporting 5G in its devices, and could see the iPhone 12 feature a comparable price to that of the iPhone 11. If correct, it means the only accessory included with iPhone 12 models is a Lightning to USB cable. According to leaks the smartphone manufacturer will once again release a base "iPhone 12" alongside a "Pro" counterpart. The 18-watt charger, as well as the 5-watt variant that comes with the standard iPhone 11, are expected to be discontinued towards the end of the year upon the new adapter's arrival. He also stated last month that there's no EarPods in the box, either.

Apple will launch a new 10.8-inch iPad in the second half of 2020, followed by an 8.5-inch iPad model in the first half of 2021, said analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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