No new deaths reported from Covid-19 today, but 24 confirmed cases

No new deaths reported from Covid-19 today, but 24 confirmed cases

No new information on the number of Kildare cases of Covid-19 has been released as of yet this evening.

More than 1.1 million cases were reported globally last week.

The Department of Health has reported a that a further six people have died from coronavirus in Ireland.

There was good news nationally also, with no deaths from Covid-19 reported today.

The pandemic death toll remains 1,735.

In the past 24 hours 1,405 tests were carried out on 1,023 people bringing the total number of people tested to 108,914.

Simon Coveney said future decisions on easing global travel restrictions will be based on data and science and "not politics".

Dr Holohan has expressed concern at the plan and said numerous most popular European holiday spots did not have low enough disease rates to encourage travel to there.

Dr. Ronan Gynn, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, says that the risk of new cases coming overseas is still important to avoid unnecessary travel.

"Of the 23 cases reported today, 10 cases (43%) are in younger adults aged under 35 years".

Clare's total stands at 369.

He noted a cluster of infection in the north west of the country was associated with travel involving Iraq.

"Unfortunately, in some other countries the level of the virus is higher than it is here - and in some other countries it's rising", he said.

"It won't be the same set of measures".

Speaking about the data, Dr Esmond Birnie said, "Some of that difference between NI and RoI and GB may be explained by the much higher population density in England: three times higher than that NI and six times higher than that in RoI".

A quarter of people believe there is a need for more restrictions, over a third think that we are returning to "normal too fast" and 64pc still believe we will see a second wave.

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