Walmart distribution center shooting leaves two dead

Walmart distribution center shooting leaves two dead

The distribution center had a full shift, with hundreds of employees at the time of the shooting, authorities said.

Krick was on the way to pick up his wife when he saw the flames, he said.

Lister and his co-workers ran out the nearest fire exit. In that incident, Shasta County Sheriff's deputies said they received a 911 call around 11 a.m. for reports of shots fired at a home near Highway 44 and Dersch Road.

There also was a fire at the site, and the suspect appears to have rammed a vehicle into the building, dispatchers said. The glass that had shattered from the crash caused his colleague's arm to bleed, he said.

'I went to help a lady that was kind of trapped at the beginning and at that point, I started hearing gunfire and then, went down to the office and there was more gunfire.

After the accident the attacker opened fire at passers-by from a semi-automatic rifle.

"I'm told it was quite a bit of gunfire", she said.

The attack on the facility began at around 3:30 p.m. The authorities did not publicly identify the man, saying they had not yet been able to reach his next of kin.

The employee who died was Martin Haro-Lozano, 45, of Orland, California, Johnston said.

"Based on evidence at the scene, video surveillance and witness statements investigators determined Lane acted alone", the sheriff's department said in a statement. Two people were killed and four people were wounded in the attack.

A Walmart employee, Scott Thammakhanty, told the Record Searchlight, a newspaper in Redding, California, that he had heard gunshots and seen people on the ground as he and other employees ran.

An eyewitness told the New York Times that he heard 50 to 60 shots fired as he and other employees fled the building.

A Walmart spokesman tells CNN they are aware of the situation. His name was Louis Lane, 31, according to The Tehama County Sheriff's Office in a Redcord Searchlight report.

Louis Wesley Lane, 31, was sacked in February 2019 from the distribution center near Red Bluff in February. the reason stated for his termination of employment was his lack of attendance at work, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston told media.

This is the second workplace-related shooting in two days to result in multiple deaths.

The suspect, Louis Lane, 31, of Redding, was a former employee of the distribution center who was sacked in February 2019 after he failed to show up for a shift, according to the sheriff's department, which is handling the investigation. Officials said that at least one person was struck by Lane's vehicle. The coronavirus pandemic had caused a significant drop in public shootings but it seems like trigger-happy and stir insane people are out and about again.

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