In interview, Bolton calls Trump a ‘danger for the republic’

In interview, Bolton calls Trump a ‘danger for the republic’

The suit follows warnings from President Donald Trump that Bolton could face a "criminal problem" if he doesn't halt plans to publish the book, which is scheduled for release next week.

Amid all talk of John Bolton's alleged tell-all book, the Trump campaign noted in a release Sunday night that the "disgraced grifter" has admitted he would "say something he knew was false".

Bolton painted an unflattering portrait of Trump's relationships with other leaders, namely Russian President Vladimir Putin - who Bolton said thinks he can play Trump "like a fiddle" - and North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

In Sunday's interview, Bolton expanded on revelations in the book, which he argued supports his claims that Trump is "unfit for office" and lacks the "competence to carry out the job". He said he had not read the book.

Bolton argued that Trump has no "strategy" and does not differentiate between personal and national interests. It's exactly why we want to know what he said to Putin when he's alone in the room with Putin because he is dealing away our national security.

"I don't think it would have made a difference because of the way the Democrats pursued the impeachment process in the House", Bolton interjected, calling the entire process "a partisan catfight" that Americans watched on TV. "My feeling was in the midst of all the chaos that had been created, this would have come and gone, and nobody would have paid any attention to it".

It's absolutely 180 degrees the opposite of the truth", he explained, "because he was acquitted in the Senate. "He has consistently said in recent days he will be writing in the name of a conservative Republican".

In an interview with ABC, aired after the Telegraph published its piece, Bolton said that he was "certainly not going to vote for Joe Biden", adding that he would "figure out a conservative Republican to vote in".

While the Telegraph has yet to set the record straight over its bombshell (or misfire, depending on what Bolton actually told the outlet), the former Trump adviser's refusal to back Biden has drawn backlash from the liberal crowd, which has struggled to fully embrace Bolton since his decision not to testify during the impeachment trial.

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