Joe Biden unveils $775 billion caregiving plan

Joe Biden unveils $775 billion caregiving plan

Joe Biden wants to spend more than three-quarters of a trillion dollars to dramatically improve care for older Americans, bolster low-income families' tax credits, and provide preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds - part of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee's larger plan to remake an economy ravaged by the coronavirus.

His plan would cost $775 billion over a decade and be paid for by rolling back tax breaks for real estate investors and tightening enforcement of the existing USA tax code.

The New York Times reports that campaign will announce proposals to eliminate the waiting list for home and community care under Medicaid, provide fresh funding to states and groups that explore alternatives to institutional care, and add 150,000 new community health workers.

"The pandemic has laid bare just how hard it is for people in this country to find access to quality caregiving they need for themselves, or to juggle the responsibilities of working and also caring for family members", the Biden campaign said in a statement accompanying the rollout of the proposal. The plan would create 1.5 million new jobs in both fields, and would also focus on increasing pay for caregivers and early childhood educators, say advisers.

Joe Biden's presidential campaign on Tuesday announced $15 million in new spending on advertising, as the former vice president looks to capitalize on his polling advantage over Republican President Donald Trump ahead of the November 3 election.

Meanwhile, Trump and McConnell have spent the last four years making a deposit on a long-term voter suppression strategy by filling our courts with right-wing ideologues who can be counted on to uphold attempts to block folks from voting safely.

This plan also builds on Biden's proposals to support informal caregivers - family members or loved ones who do this work unpaid - by including a $5,000 tax credit for informal caregivers, as well as Social Security credits for people who care for their loved ones, and professional and peer support for caregivers of wounded, injured, or ill active-duty service members and veterans.

Last week, he also released a plan for reopening schools. Those earning too much to qualify for the full credit, but less than $400,000 per year, would receive partial credits.

"Instead of pro-job and pro-growth policies, Biden is turning to an old friend - tax hikes and big government", Trump spokesman Zach Parkinson said in an email. Families earning up to 1.5 times their state's median income could instead have their child care subsidized so that they are paying no more than 7% of their income.

Throughout the call, Biden's advisers stressed the former vice president's personal connection to the issue, pointing to his career as a working - and at some points, single - father, and drawing a sharp contrast with President Donald Trump.

Eager to erase Trump's advantage with voters on the economy, Biden's latest plan is the third of a four-part approach he has rolled out in recent weeks.

"President Trump has failed to effectively respond to the caregiving crisis for months, while exacerbating it by letting the virus continue to spread", the document says.

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