DeJoy's Potential USPS Changes Post-Elections Include Hikes In Service Rates

DeJoy's Potential USPS Changes Post-Elections Include Hikes In Service Rates

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said on Friday the Postal Service will deliver all election mail.

"Democrats have fabricated a baseless conspiracy theory about the Postal Service and now they are asking American taxpayers to foot the bill for their fake crisis", the leading Republican on the oversight committee, Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, said in a statement. Some 20 states, along with voting rights advocates, have sued to reverse the changes.

In a statement, the Postal Service said Mr. DeJoy has made all required financial disclosures but that he might have to divest some holdings if conflicts arise.

The complaint was filed Friday morning in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling members back to Washington to vote on a bill that would prohibit changes and direct $25 billion to the USPS. "This is about the country", the president said.

The changes are "sensible reforms created to get the American people their mail on time and get the USPS on a sustainable fiscal path", the office of Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the second-ranking House Republican said in a statement. The ensuing chaos in the Postal Service as the institution "adjusts" to these changes would then become evidence of inefficiency in that organization, providing support for the long term goal of privatization while at the same time compounding the difficulties the Postal Service would have in delivering the mail.

But Trump leveled more attacks on absentee voting.

The postal service board of governors, appointed by Trump, selected DeJoy in May to take the job. Schumer said that the board told him previously "much of the information I requested was confidential and declined to provide it".

"I have just finished prostate cancer radiation treatment and am becoming increasingly concerned about the shenanigans going on at the Post Office", wrote John Patrick Moore, an Air Force veteran who lives in Vacaville.

DeJoy's appointment sparked controversy over his Republican connections and past donations to President Trump. The union is urging Congress to give funding to the United States Postal Service.

Earlier this month, postal employees throughout the nation sounded alarms over changes DeJoy had made to USPS because taking control of inJune The modifications consisted of cutting overtime and restricting post workplace hours, which employees stated were triggering huge shipment hold-ups.

"Although the Postmaster General belatedly suspended at least some of these changes yesterday, today he is backpedaling by refusing to put back the sorting machines, mailboxes, and other infrastructure he ordered removed", Rep. Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat from NY, said in a statement Wednesday.

While legislators started asking concerns on modifications, state authorities voiced increasing issue following letters from the Postal Service to more than 40 states alerting that tallies might not be provided in time for the election.

Several Democratic lawmakers have called for DeJoy to resign, but Republicans are also raising alarms over mail delivery disruptions, which are important not just for ballots, but prescription drugs and ordinary goods, especially in rural communities.

DeJoy announced Tuesday that the postal service would suspend any changes to its operations until after this year's election.

Those funds are tangled in a broader coronavirus aid package that was approved in the House but stalled in the Senate.

Democrats held events in cities nationwide, some pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to resume session.

"Contrary to Democrats" claims, the Postal Service is. properly funded for the election and beyond.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the White House was not involved in the Postal Service changes.

It also will allow boards of elections to accept ballots until the day after the election that were sent through the mail but somehow didn't receive a postmark.

DeJoy hosted a fundraiser for the president and the RNC in 2017 at his home in North Carolina.

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