YouTubers Listen to Phil Collins for First Time, Absolutely Lose Their Minds

YouTubers Listen to Phil Collins for First Time, Absolutely Lose Their Minds

Whilst Tim dubbs the iconic Phil Collins song as "unique" and "a straight banger". They told CNN they initially stuck with hip-hop reaction videos, then took a suggestion to try out Frank Sinatra, and have delved into multiple genres since then. And in the previous 7 days, the movie has seemingly exploded - with far more than 1.7 million sights. But sales, yes. Perhaps it was a bunch of Boomers and Gen X-ers filling in the blanks from way back when they sold their apple crates full of vinyl?

"In the Air Tonight" came out nearly four decades ago, in January 1981. DRUM. SOLO. Trust that their reaction did not disappoint.

We can all admit that Phil Collins is great, right?

At first, Tim and Fred weren't entirely sure where the song was going.

The song is widely regarded as one of Phil's best pieces of work, and reached number two in the United Kingdom singles chart when it was released.

"That was cold how he did it, I ain't gonna lie, he got me on that". "I ain't by no components considered no one drop a beat three minutes within the song", Fred Williams says.

The siblings from Gary, Indiana, film themselves listening to classic artists for the first time and share the clips on YouTube. Tim and Fred are visibly stunned, still thrilled - they commence dancing in their chairs, pausing the online video to quickly focus on.

"I remember a year ago I wasn't eating".

"He said, 'I feel like y'all sleeping on me, let's wake 'em up!'" "I achieved this milestone with hard work, perseverance, and a drive for a better life", he wrote.

Their video posted in late July has almost 4 million views as of Tuesday morning and helped propel the Collins single up the charts. That's up from viewership that was generally in the five-digit range on earlier videos.

On Friday, the Grammy Award winner's name began trending on Twitter over a video from the twins' "First Time Hearing" video series on YouTube.

"This has gone viral, but I'm posting anyway 'cause it makes me smile". If you haven't seen the video yet, it is pure, unadulterated sunshine.

Of course, the biggest reaction arrives during the song's legendary drum fill, which comes around five minutes into the video. They've racked up tens of millions of views for checking out chart-topping songs from Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, Bruce Springsteen, Dolly Parton and more. "Sounds like your auntie-with-the-'Black Panther'-poster-rug-in-her-house song". It is what acquired them carrying out a lot more older tunes, he reported, typically whatever people today requested.

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