Donald Trump crowd at Pennsylvania rally chants: 'LeBron James Sucks'

Donald Trump crowd at Pennsylvania rally chants: 'LeBron James Sucks'

The crowd by then had erupted into a "LeBron James sucks" chant, prompting Trump to twice proclaim, "What a crowd!"

That's why he got into the basketball NBA series and its biggest star LeBron to James. Shortly before that shot across the NFL's bow, Trump and the crowd targeted the National Basketball Association, and specifically Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James, who's been a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. "I felt badly for LeBron", Trump said. "Down 71% and that's for their championship - I didn't want to watch one shot", Trump said, mentioning the NBA's historically low championship ratings. When they don't respect our country or our flag, no one wants to look.

The audience responded by chanting, "LeBron James sucks".

"What a crowd! What a crowd!" I get bored. Back, forth, back, forth.

"What a crowd! What a crowd!"

The Lakers were in control from the tip to the final buzzer, as the Heat never led at any point in the game. And knowing this video would get out, wouldn't Trump be concerned that voters in know, LeBron James' home state...would see it?

"Do you know why?"

This isn't the first time that Lebron James found himself facing criticism over his "More than A Vote" campaign, which seeks to oppose voter suppression in target states such as Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. It actually makes all the sense in the world. He previously stumped for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and had expressed support for the Biden/Harris ticket. James also called Trump a "clown" and sent out this tweet back in 2017.

The two are no strangers to going back and fourth with each other on social media, but it seems LeBron is finally fed up with Trump's ongoing antics - and this latest stunt at the presidential rally in Avoca probably explains why. The duel between Joe Biden's Democratic Party and Donald Trump's Republicans has been quite a spectacle to say the least.

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