Lil Boosie Sprinter Reportedly Shot Up | 1035 The BEAT | Stichiz

Lil Boosie Sprinter Reportedly Shot Up | 1035 The BEAT | Stichiz

For now, according to sources who spoke to the outlet, Boosie is doing "okay" and "his injuries seem to be non-life threatening" at this point.

Boosie Badazz's former associate Mo3 was shot dead on Wednesday (November 11, 2020) in a drive-by shooting that took placed on a busy highway in Dallas, TX.

Someone posted a video of the Big T's auto park where the action supposedly took place, claiming that Boosie wasn't shot - but we're told otherwise ...

Someone also posted footage of the encounter at Big T's, claiming Boosie wasn't shot. According to multiple accounts, a shooting took place at popular Dallas haunt Big T's between two other individuals where Boosie was simply caught in the crossfire.

"I appreciate all the times we had together and I got your kids", Boosie said during his remarks at the vigil.

During a traffic slowdown, a suspected described as an "adult Black male" got out of his nearby auto and approached Mo3, who was sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle. He was then gunned down-shot in the back of the head-after exiting the vehicle and trying to flee on foot.

At least one innocent bystander in another auto was shot during the confrontation, though his injuries were reportedly not life threatening.

No arrests have been made nor have suspects been named after Noble was killed in broad daylight in a brazen attack.

Legal run-ins: The rapper had a string of drug convictions in 2009 and 2011.

Boosie hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he joined the rap group Concentration Camp in the 1990s.

His parole later expired in 2018.

"Zaya Wade got hittas..."

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