NASA astronaut Victor Glover shared his first video from space

NASA astronaut Victor Glover shared his first video from space

NASA astronaut Glover posted the footage from the capsule, nicknamed "Resilience", which launched on 15 November and was bound for the International Space Station (ISS).

"I saw a ton of pictures, but when I first looked at Earth through the window, I had no words".

A video released on Monday (Nov. 23) NASA Johnson Space Center Twitter account.

In a new video, five astronauts living in the orbit lab share how they spend their American vacation and what packaged food they eat. Although NASA has sent over 300 astronauts to space, only 14 of them were black. "Remember who is doing space".

The crew docked at the ISS at 04:01 GMT on 17 November and was met by the current ISS crew, Expedition 64, that comprise Commander Sergei Ryzhikov and Flight Engineer Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, both Russian cosmonauts, and Flight Engineer Kate Rubins, a NASA astronaut. It is not the first time that blacks have passed through the station, but all the rest have gone on shorter missions.

The US space agency did not provide an explanation for the change of crew, but Epp's brother pointed to racism. Henry Epps wrote in a Facebook post in 2018. "It was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime feeling", he mentioned.

Glover is married to Diona Odom and they have four children.

Those close to Glover refer to him as "Ike", referring to a communication signal given to him by a former commanding officer that means "I know everything".

Glover is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, earning just the three master's degrees in flight test engineering, systems engineering and military operational art and science.

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