Tropical storm conditions from Eta expected in South Florida this weekend

Tropical storm conditions from Eta expected in South Florida this weekend

At present, officials believe that the storm's eye will strike northern portions of Nicaragua through Wednesday morning before Eta turns its attention to Honduras, wreaking havoc across central portions of that country. Questions regarding how organized Eta can stay following its time over Central America are even unknown. Guatemala, Belize, Panama and Costa Rica are forecasted to be hit with as much as 25 inches of rain. The area had already been lashed with strong winds and heavy rain for hours. The wind and storm surge threat should diminish throughout Tuesday, but the rain will last well into the week. It has since weakened to a Tropical Storm, though authorities warn of continued "life-threatening" impacts in Nicaragua and Honduras.

It is the eighth Atlantic storm this season to hit the meteorologists' definition for rapid intensification - a gain of 56 km/h in wind speed in just 24 hours.

In Honduras, there were at least 559 people affected by flooding who had to move to shelters or go to relatives' homes, he said.

The 2020 Hurricane Season ends November 30, 2020.

We may be seeing a lot of rain from Tropical Storm Eta in Sebastian, but we don't think we'll get much more than just rain.

"A unsafe storm surge will raise water levels by as much as 14 to 21 feet above normal tide levels in areas of onshore winds along the coast of Nicaragua within the hurricane warning area, and 3 to 5 feet above normal tide levels along the coast of Honduras within the tropical storm warning area", the advisory adds. Mitch struck around the same point of the season, meandered over Central America for days and unloaded torrential rainfall.

Eta is the 28th named Atlantic storm this season, tying the 2005 record for named storms. The U.S. National Hurricane Center says Mitch led to the deaths of more than 9,000 people. This potential storm also serves as a good reminder to keep hurricane preparations on standby, despite our late point in the season. How that will affect us remains to be seen.

It's still too early to determine whether the United States will feel any impact from Hurricane Eta.

Those in the US were closely watching the storm's long-range path, which shows it - or its remnants - emerging back into the Caribbean and turning northeast, first toward Cuba, then South Florida.

The storm is forecast to weaken as it heads further west into interior sections of Central America, but it will make a hard right and reemerge into the Western Caribbean Sea.

The forecast track then shows Tropical Storm Eta moving over Cuba Sunday and approaching South Florida by late Sunday or early Monday.

This unsettled weather will last through next week, with the exact timing on when Eta departs also still up in the air.

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