Apple Starts Accepting Developers Into Its Small Business Program

Apple Starts Accepting Developers Into Its Small Business Program

Eligible developers are now beginning to receive their App Store Small Business Program confirmation emails from Apple after submitting their applications earlier in the month. There has been no comment from Apple on why this loophole existed or why the company started to close it down in 2020.

Last month, Apple announced its Small Business Program which is aimed at iOS developers who are pulling in under $1 million in revenue a year. After December 31, your game will no longer be available on the App Store in China mainland until an approval number is provided with your next submission.

We're pleased to welcome you to the App Store Small Business Program.

China is Apple's biggest App store market where it makes close to $16.4 billion in a year. In 2019, there were 272,000 games on the Chinese App Store.

Apple opened sign ups for the scheme on December 3. A third of them are related to sensitive issues with the Chinese government, such as the demonstrations in Hong Kong, the rights of gay and transgender communities, Buddhism, Tibet ...

Chinese Government Ordered Nearly 100,000 Games From Apple’s Chinese App Store in 2020

"If it's going to bend to political pressure, the company should explain why and what they would lose if they didn't do that", Katie Paul, director of the campaign's Tech Transparency Project, said.

She acknowledged that the disparity in Apple's China offerings could stem in part from developers in effect censoring themselves, knowing their chances of approval in the country.

The scrutiny of the App Store in China brings to light the delicate balance of the relationship between Apple and its Chinese counterparts as Apple is looking to reach its consumers while navigating official demands at the same time. The company has said it was complying with local laws.

America tech giant Apple is coming down hard on its Chinese online store as it has removed more than 94,000 games from the platform. " We often disagree with them and dispute them". The People's Daily newspaper, which is run by the Chinese Communist Party, had called the app "toxic software". "We believe this decision best protects our users".

-Yoko Kubota contributed to this article.

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