Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

Microsoft has officially released the Virtual Reality update for the simulation app for PC-based VR headsets. "To achieve this goal, we have worked to make this free update compatible across a wide range of supported devices".

This ensures that no matter whether you own an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality headset or Oculus Quest using Oculus Link, you'll be able to access Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, the game is specifically optimized for HP Reverb G2, HP Reverb G1, and Samsung Odyssey.

Lastly, to play the game, users only need to update the game and plug in the headset.

Flying in VR is quite easy. It will automatically boot into the VR mode, and the rest can be followed from there. Do note that this is the default binding for VR. Will you be checking out today's major Winter and VR update?

Microsoft Flight Simulator also made headlines a few days ago for its appearance at The Game Awards 2020, where it offered an approximate release date for the version of Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft's next-generation consoles. Here are the minimum system requirements, as per the closed beta.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most ambitious games in recent history, utilising the power of the cloud to map out the real world in real-time, allowing players to fly across environments in more detail.

Considering that ice and snow-clad regions were covered with water until now, it will be interesting to see how those areas look after the update, especially the Poles.

It's worth stressing that motion controllers now are not supported - a fact that's bound to bum out VR enthusiasts - and Microsoft Flight Simulator has a graphics setting for desktop and for VR.

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