Zac Clark's Ex-Wife Breaks Her Silence About Tayshia

Zac Clark's Ex-Wife Breaks Her Silence About Tayshia

Both she and new "Bachelor" Matt, whose season bows on ABC Jan. 4 (Mondays at 8 EST/PST), are a testament to that.

Adams, as many fans will recall, stepped into the show mid-season after Clare Crawley left.

Here is a recap of the thrilling season finale!

Later, Tayshia opened up to Zac about her fear that his feelings for her might change if down the road she just wanted "to be like, a mom", and he thought, "But you were once this one, ambitious, like, girl". There is much tension between the 3, as they attempt to remain respectful of each other while also struggling to grasp the awkwardness of dating the same woman.

Tayshia got down to business quickly, pulling Ivan away from the other guys.

"Most of all, I am grateful that I have had the chance to show my true authentic self, and share my heart, with all of you as you've watched my journey unfold". After a successful new record set (6 minutes and 35 seconds), Ivan is led to an intimately decorated trailer where he admits he is falling in love with her.

It's clear that these two are excited and happy together.

At the last date, we see Brendan and Tayshia meet with celebrated jewelry designer, Neil Lane, to pick out engagement rings. He takes off, and Tayshia is heartbroken.

Like Tayshia, Zac has been married before, something he didn't hide from Desmond. That conversation alone resulted in her making the decision to send home Ben Smith. Tayshia also revealed if any of her past insecurities from her divorce have creeped back since Zac's proposal. "Congrats to Zac and Tayshia". However, Tayshia got the man she wanted and she got engaged.

Her dad, Desmond, her mom, Rosario, and brothers Brice and Desmond Jr. came to Palm Springs to help her make her big decision.

The conversation left her a little less certain about whether she was really ready to tie the knot.

"She only wants to date a Christian and I'm not religious", Hall responded to a message from Bachelor alum Caila Quinn after his elimination. Fair. Zac, honestly, nails it with his speech about his understanding of commitment and how he will always love Tayshia, even if she starts driving a minivan and posting QAnon theories on Facebook.

The two got engaged during last night's finale, where Tayshia sent both Ivan Hall and Ben Smith home, leaving only Zac for the finale. Thankfully, their break-up goes much smoother than expected, having already parted ways once before.

Zac told Rosario that he's in love with her daughter, and that Tayshia loves him back. Her hands shake as she walks down the graveled path towards the final rose ceremony.

She heads out to meet Zac for their final date and she's a real Debbie Downer.

Despite no follow-up with the couple, Adams and Clark are still engaged and receiving congratulations from across the country.

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