New MacBook Pros will have new design and dump the Touch Bar

New MacBook Pros will have new design and dump the Touch Bar

A new note to investors from renowned Apple supply chain specialist Ming-chi Kuo details what he expects will be the first significant redesign of the MacBook Pro range in the past few years.

(Pocket-lint) - Reports suggest Apple will be introducing new MacBook Pros before too long and that these models will introduce a new design.

Bloomberg's report suggests that these MacBook Pro models will have processors with more cores and better graphics capabilities than the existing M1 chips that power Apple's current notebooks with in-house silicon, and that they'll also have displays with brighter panels that offer higher contrast.

An Apple spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. They will feature a new chassis design with a flat, right-angled top and bottom cover akin to that of the iPhone 12, rather than the slight curve of previous models.

MagSafe had the advantage of easily disconnecting in case of anyone accidentally tripping across the power cord while plugged in, without yanking the computer with it. It was a favorite feature of the company's portable PC lineup that was first introduced in 2006 and most recently revived for its latest lineup of iPhones. Apple moved to USB Type-C five years ago for charging and data transfer purposes, and that has worked flawlessly. The connector will be similar to the elongated pill-shape design of the older MagSafe port.

The new MacBook Pro models will also feature the next installment of Apple's M-series chips.

The next-generation models will ditch the much maligned OLED Touch Bar in favor of physical function buttons, according to the analyst.

Despite moving away from USB-C for charging, Apple will still include multiple USB-C ports on its future Macs.

"The Touch Bar places controls right at the user's fingertips and adapts when using the system or apps like Mail, Finder, Calendar, Numbers, GarageBand, Final Cut Pro X and many more, including third-party apps", Apple said in 2016.

In developing its next set of Mac laptops, Apple has also tested versions that remove the Touch Bar from its laptop keyboards.

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