Palestinians Sign Deals for COVID Vaccines

Palestinians Sign Deals for COVID Vaccines

Supplies will also come through the World Health Organization vaccine program for poor and middle-income nations.

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem' reported on Tuesday that the state of Israel is pursuing a nondemocratic "apartheid regime" and "Jewish supremacy" in both Palestinian and Israeli territories.

ISRAEL was accused of racism and health apartheid today over the exclusion of millions of Palestinians from its much-lauded coronavirus vaccine roll-out. But it has come under criticism from some human rights groups which say it has obligations under worldwide law to provide vaccines to Palestinians as well.

Israel has been praised for its efforts in the Western media, most of which has overlooked the exclusion of some five million Palestinians in the occupied territories, where 165,000 active cases of coronavirus were registered by January 9.

Groups like Amnesty point to the Fourth Geneva Convention which, among other duties of an occupying power, speaks of ensuring "measures necessary to combat the spread of contagious diseases and epidemics".

Under the Interim Peace Agreement with Israel, the Palestinian Authority exercises limited self-governance in the West Bank. Barghouti said the request had been rejected by Israel. The report further reveals that the state of Israel achieves this objective by: (1) affording Jewish people throughout the world the right to secure Israeli citizenship while denying this right to Palestinians; (2) establishing mass Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land driving Palestinian residents out; (3) restricting Palestinians' freedom of movement and political participation; and (4) holding Palestinians hostage under an illegal military occupation. "The Palestinians are running the Palestinian Authority ... but as has been happening for the last several months, we were always ready to help with equipment, with good advice, with products or with medicine, and this sort of cooperation will continue".

The Palestinian authorities have been desperately seeking to secure vials of the vaccine at affordable prices, with the Foreign Ministry insisting that Israel "has clear legal obligations to the welfare of the Palestinian population under its illegal occupation".

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