Two Powerball tickets worth $50,000 sold in Arizona

Two Powerball tickets worth $50,000 sold in Arizona

The lone lucky winner's prize, one of the ten largest in USA lottery history, comes with a cash option of $546 million.

Powerball's jackpot is resetting to $20 million for Saturday's drawing.

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Don't throw away your Powerball tickets yet, though: One in NY state is worth $150,000, and thousands won smaller prizes.

The organisers have said that January 22's Mega Millions jackpot was one of the most valuable ever.

The eight others sold in Florida (2), Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, New York (2) and Pennsylvania are worth $1 million each. Only one ticket matched all six numbers.

To participate in Power Play, an additional $1 must be paid at the time of buying a Powerball ticket.

More recently, a single person won the record prize of $1.587 billion in SC in October 2018.

· There were 3,300,077 tickets sold that won at least $4 in the drawing.

CBS News notes that while large gaps between winners is still a rare occurrence, it speaks to the incredibly slim chances of someone having the winning ticket.

If there is no victor, the next drawing will be held on Tuesday, when the jackpot will rise to an estimated $1.1 billion, or a lump sum of $813.6 million. The Powerball odds are 1 in 292,201,338.

Of course there have been numerous smaller winners over the last few months.

Friday's drawing will be at 11 p.m. That would have brought Wednesday's jackpot win down to $285.7 million. Tickets cost $2 each.

If you're outside NY, check with your state's lottery board.

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