YouTube deletes new Trump video, suspends fresh uploads

YouTube deletes new Trump video, suspends fresh uploads

Prior to its suspension, the president's YouTube account had racked up 2.77 million subscribers.

Popular video streaming platform YouTube on Wednesday suspended United States President Donald Trump's channel for at least a week, and removed new content uploaded to it, saying it violated the company's policies and ran the risk of inciting violence.

"As a result, in accordance with our long-standing strikes system, the channel is now prevented from uploading new videos or livestreams for a minimum of seven days-which may be extended".

Twitter said in a statement on its blog on Friday it had chose to take action against Trump's account after a review of two of the president's tweets posted that day found they had violated its glorification of violence policy. Second and third strikes within those three months will result in permanent removal from the site.

Also, the far-right social media platform Parler has been essentially knocked off the internet as its web host Amazon dropped the platform over concerns that unmoderated posts were inciting violence, an accusation Parler denies.

Earlier, YouTube removed one of Trump's videos that addressed a mob attack on the Capitol.

YouTube has further disabled comments on Trump's channel for an indefinite period of time. Facebook and Twitter have suspended Trump's accounts indefinitely.

Other social media platforms have taken actions against Trump in the last couple of days.

President Donald Trump looks at his phone.

"President Trump is also asking that Big Tech companies join with him in this effort".

The company also deleted more than 70,000 accounts linked to the freakish QAnon conspiracy theory, which claims, without any evidence, that Trump is waging a secret war against a global cabal of satanist liberals.

YouTube is unique from other social networks because videos can be shared on other platforms, giving it a wide-ranging reach.

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