Instagram will soon bring this interesting feature inspired by TikTok

Instagram will soon bring this interesting feature inspired by TikTok

"We hear from our community that they want to see fewer posts in Stories", the notification starts.

After the test that revealed the change a few weeks ago, Instagram has officially rolled out its new Stories design to the desktop version. A spokesperson said, "This is an early prototype and is not now testing on Instagram". Even Snapchat is borrowing ideas from TikTok. The feature is being now tested in select countries at the moment, according to Social Media Today.

All those hilarious memes, relatable horoscopes and PEDESTRIAN.TV articles that you so love to share on your Stories? The Reels portion of Instagram usually consist of people sharing their TikToks from the app and since Instagram can not block people from posting Reels resurfaced from TikTok, it is encouraging people to stop doing that. The Facebook owned platform had recently introduced the controversial feature "Reels" in the arena, which turned out to be a mere clone of TikTok. It is not clear when or if this feature will ever make it to the public as it is still a prototype, but this confirms that Instagram is working on functionalities that are pretty much similar to TikTok, and is working on offering a better experience than its competition.

The new vertical stories feed was first spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared a screenshot on Twitter.

This doesn't feel right, and the launch of the new format has added to Instagram's clutter. The updating algorithm as made it tough for users to get their post visible organically on the platform, thus leading them to find ways to get maximum reach through the available tools.

Instagram knows this arrangement isn't quite working. In contrast, TikTok's feed is vertical, so users swipe up to get to the next piece of content.

Instagram is testing a new change that may invite mixed reactions from users worldwide.

The upcoming Instagram feature has been inspired by TikTok's vertical feed for Stories feature.

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