UK Virus Variant Develops Concerning New Mutation in Some Cases

UK Virus Variant Develops Concerning New Mutation in Some Cases

It was initially unclear whether Hancock was referring to the South Africa variant of the virus, which he had been speaking about seconds before he announced the 43 "mutations" in Liverpool and Bristol.

So far, they've found 105 instances of the SA variant and in the past six days, there have been 11 cases in people who have no links to travel, suggesting they contracted the virus in the community. The mutation may mean the vaccines offer less protection against the variant.

"That makes you worry about where it's coming from and you're more vulnerable than you think you are".

"We must continue to do the most we can to prevent the transmission of this virus by washing our hands, wearing our masks, avoid mixing socially with people outside of our household and self-isolating when needed", she says. "I'm hoping I'm sort of immune to it".

He added that everyone aged 16 or over will be offered a test, even if they have already been vaccinated.

Stewart Dawkins, 58, a key worker for a supermarket, said the rollout of tests was " a good thing" but "a bit of a waste of time" if people are going to work.

He told the Commons: "If you are in the PR9 postcode or any of the other postcodes, it is very important to be especially vigilant and it is imperative to stay at home unless it is absolutely essential that you leave home".

Two cases of the South Africa coronavirus variant have been detected in Birmingham.

Officials are dispatching home testing kits and mobile testing units in an effort to reach every resident of those communities.

The local authority said testing would be significantly increased in the areas affected.

The news comes after Public Health England (PHE) commenced door-to-door Covid-19 testing for 80,000 people in regions of England where the South Africa variant has been found.

"Closing borders/restricting travel may help a little with this, but there is now probably already a sufficient critical mass of virus-infected people within the endemic United Kingdom population to allow this natural selection/evolution to proceed - as this report suggests - so we really need to stick to the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions as much as possible", Tang said in a written statement.

The leader of Surrey County Council, Tim Oliver, said residents should not be concerned about the South African strain being identified in Woking.

Ever since scientists started tracking the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, it has become a cause of concern that the virus has developed multiple variants that began emerging in the fall of 2020.

"All they need to do is put them back in the box and we will come and pick them up".

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