Family says 16-year-old girl shot dead by police in Columbus

Family says 16-year-old girl shot dead by police in Columbus

Hours after the Columbus Police Department shot a 15-year-old girl that stirred tensions and mass protests, the department released a video of the shooting along with preliminary details of the incident. After shoving one girl to the ground, she then turned and advanced on another girl who was standing near a parked vehicle. She did not elaborate on the nature of the threat.

Police and Ginther reported Ma'Khia's age as 15, although her mother said she is 16.

Interim Columbus Police Chief Michael Woods said officers administered aid and CPR to Ma'Khia, but she was later pronounced dead.

Police showed bodycam footage Tuesday night at a news conference of the officer shooting the girl, who was Black, as she appeared to attempt to stab two people with a knife. Police have not yet made public the name of that officer.

A crowd gathered at the scene where the girl was shot, and police officers there told the group that "blue lives matter", according to Raw Story. The decision to swiftly release the video was a departure from protocol as the force faces enormous scrutiny from the public following a series of recent high-profile police killings that have led to clashes. She says she lived in a foster home near the scene of the shooting and got into an altercation with someone else at the home. The 911 caller reported a female was trying to stab them before hanging up, police said.

The shooting occurred just 20 minutes before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering Floyd. "We know we can't provide every answer, but it's important that we can answer some questions tonight".

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther called it a tragic day for the city.

"We know based on this footage, the officer took action to protect another young girl in our community". "But a family is grieving tonight".

The body camera video appeared to show one person lunging at another in front of a parked vehicle in a driveway before officers shot her dead, though it was hard to make out any weapons in the footage.

A video circulated on social media which appeared to show a victim wearing jeans and trainers lying motionless on the ground as a police officer stood nearby. Seconds later Bryant and another girl begin fighting in front of the officer. "And then the second female that is pushed against the vehicle".

Officers arrived to the scene and a teenage girl, later named as Ma'Khia Bryant, was shot.

"She was in a physical fight with another female & pulled a knife out".

A man is heard saying "she's just a kid" as the officer responds: "She came at her with a knife".

He would not say whether the officer violated the department's standards or use of force rules.

"We will share information that we can as soon as it becomes available", the mayor said on Twitter. "We felt transparency in sharing this footage, as incomplete as it is at this time" was critical.

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