Navalny Could Be Down to a Few Days, Doctors Say

Navalny Could Be Down to a Few Days, Doctors Say

Imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny could die "in a matter of days", his spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh wrote on Facebook on Saturday, NPR reports.

Russia's state penitentiary service has said that Mr Navalny is receiving all the medical help he needs.

Mr Navalny was ordered to serve two-ad-a-half years in prison on the grounds that his long recovery in Germany violated a suspended sentence he had been given for a fraud conviction in a case that he says was politically motivated.

Navalny said he was wa going on a hunger strike on March 31 in protest for not getting medical treatment.

"Navalny is now in a prison camp and his life is hanging by a thread".

"Events are developing too quickly and too badly. The life of Alexey Navalny and the fate of Russian Federation depends on how many citizens come out to the streets this Wednesday", Navalny's team said in a statement on its website.

Physician Yaroslav Ashikhmin said test results that Navalny's family shared with him reveal increased potassium levels, which could lead to cardiac arrest, as well as heightened creatinine levels from deteriorating kidneys.

Doctors have said Navalny could die at any moment without intervention. "Me personally because I don't like throwing such big statements around".

Navalny blames the poisoning on the Kremlin. Navalny's doctors again sought to visit him Sunday but said they were denied entry.

Mr Navalny has said prison authorities are threatening to put him in a straitjacket to force-feed him unless he accepts food. The request to ban the groups - the Anti-Corruption Foundation and Navalny's regional campaign headquarters - is the most serious attempt yet to destroy Navalny's movement.

France, Germany and the European Union on Sunday joined a growing global chorus of protest at Navalny's plight, and EU foreign ministers will discuss the situation on Monday. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the relations with the European Union were at a low point even before the new sanctions were introduced.

His allies had said they would set a date for the protest once 500,000 supporters had registered with a website. But on Sunday, Navalny's team said they could no longer wait given how critical the situation was.

Navalny's team on Sunday called for massive protests across Russian Federation on Wednesday evening, just hours after Putin is set to deliver his state of nation address.

He was arrested in January when he returned to Russian Federation from Germany, where he had been recovering from a nerve agent poisoning attack he blamed on Putin.

There was no immediate comment from police or government officials about the call for protests, but the response is likely to be harsh. The plan to gather 500,000 online registrations was meant to ensure protests were large enough to have an impact, but Navalny's decline has upended that plan.

According to his representatives Mr Navalny, an opponent of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, is facing an increasing risk of kidney failure and his vision is deteriorating after more than two weeks on hunger strike while in prison.

"The danger is that the collective Kremlin may have chose to end the Navalny problem once and for all: he may die in detention, and his infrastructure will be destroyed". "Russia will sink into total darkness".

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