Canada's Alberta confirms first death linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

Canada's Alberta confirms first death linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

"They are also at least 1,500 times more likely to be hospitalized from COVID-19 than experiencing VITT after getting AstraZeneca".

The panel's advice contradicts Health Canada's long-standing recommendation that the best vaccine is the first one available.

This is indeed something to consider and we wish personal risk assessments played a broader role in the COVID-19 conversation, including in how restrictions are devised.

Between AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer, 1,668,455 doses of COVID-19 vaccine had been administered in Alberta as of the end of May 3.

On Monday, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI), recommended possibly waiting for a "preferred" mRNA jab such as Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna if a person's risk of contracting Covid is low, instead of the AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Health Canada authorized the Pfizer vaccine on December 9, 2020, making it the first vaccine that was approved in Canada to prevent COVID-19.

Trudeau tells Canadians not to pick and choose vaccines

But the AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines have been declared safe and authorized for use in Canada, with age restrictions - 30 years old and up for AstraZeneca, 18 years and up for Janssen.

Ottawa has not said when it will release the 300-thousand doses of the single-shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine that arrived last week.

So far, the government has invested in up to 76 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. "And so individuals need to have an informed choice to be vaccinated with the first vaccine that's available or to wait for an mRNA vaccine".

Canada's first shipment of 300,000 doses of J&J's vaccine are on hold pending a quality control check.

Canada's inoculation drive was slow to get started and has struggled with repeated delivery delays, but appears to be back on track with millions of doses expected over the coming months. The vaccine and both manufacturers were approved by Health Canada on February 26.

The vaccine is now being offered at pharmacies, with many locations offering walk-in appointments and making COVID-19 vaccines more accessible for Canadians. The country is on track to receive 2.4 million a week in June.

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