Over 4 000 new Covid-19 cases in SA By IOL Reporter

Over 4 000 new Covid-19 cases in SA By IOL Reporter

The country's disease control agency reported 8,769 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases Thursday and 226 deaths.

New York, Maryland and OR announced lottery promotions tied to receiving COVID-19 vaccines this week, following a program recently introduced in OH that offers a similar incentive.

The country's vaccination program started in February with health care workers and later expanded to the elderly, who total about 36 million people.

What's more, 49.2 percent of the USA population, which includes children aged 12 and older, have been given at least one dose and 39.2 percent have completed their vaccine series.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced a week ago that five adults who get vaccinated will each win US$1 million in the state's "Vax-a-Million" lottery.

Public health experts say the move was a gamble by the CDC to inspire more people to get vaccinated.

"In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan announced a "$2 million Vax Cash promotion" that lasts from Tuesday, May 25 through Sunday, July 4.

Dr. Manish Sadarangani, a Vancouver-based principal investigator on the project, said the study would determine the effect of different COVID-19 dosing intervals on immunity, and what the immune response is if two doses of different COVID-19 vaccines are used. There were 74,354 people above 60 years who got vaccinated with the first dose and 33,131 people who got their second dose.

Countries such as the United States have been offering such bonuses to bring more people in to get the jab.

More than 7.7 million doses have been administered in Ontario overall.

In New York, those who are 18 years old or above getting a Covid vaccine from one of the state's ten clinics will receive a scratch-off Mega Multiplier lottery ticket.

"We understand that this may be upsetting and inconvenient for those affected individuals and we want to ensure them that there are no more increased risks to them", Ivey said.

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