Second AstraZeneca dose now available for some Sask. residents

Second AstraZeneca dose now available for some Sask. residents

Coronavirus infections in South Asia surpassed 30 million on Friday, according to a Reuters tally of official data, led by India which is struggling with a second wave and a vaccine shortage across the region.

Huyer says the second-dose plan will consider clinical reasons for shortening the interval between doses, supply and allocations across the province.

"Of course, when you do something like this as a government, you don't do it for free, " Soriot said.

AstraZeneca chief Pascal Soriot told the Financial Times that the United Kingdom government had been guaranteed priority for deliveries from the United Kingdom vaccine supply chain.

While saying that an additional 200 million doses of any of the World Health Organization emergency use listed COVID-19 vaccines are needed to immunise 10 per cent of African population by September. Those 80 and older will be able to book starting next week followed by the 70-79 age group who will become eligible to book on June 14.

The new doses will primarily cater to those who got the first AstraZaneca vaccine and are due for the second and final dose.

Ngamije noted that the government will immediately start administration of second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, adding that continued discussions with stakeholders to receive more doses are underway.

The original timeline between the first and second doses is 16 weeks.

Health unit CEO Theresa Marentette admitted Wednesday there was a limited supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine available in Windsor-Essex before the next shipment arrives.

Based on the contract, AstraZeneca was expected to deliver 300 million doses through the first half of the year, but it now aims to ship only a third of that.

As the vaccine rollout has picked up steam in Ontario there have been growing calls for the province to start accelerating second doses.

As Ontario vaccinates more of its population at an accelerated pace, the three-step reopening will be based on the supply and the daily rate at which people get the shot.

The seven-day rolling average is now 1,248, down from 1,951 a week ago.

The province expects to receive approximately 4.7 million doses of vaccines in June and another 3.5 million doses in July, most of which will be the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Japan said on Friday it would consider sharing its COVID-19 vaccines with other countries as a ruling party committee urged it to provide a portion of its AstraZeneca PLC vaccine stock to Taiwan.

"Second, the department also ensures that an individual gets his or her second dose from the same vaccine".

Week of August 9: individuals who received their first dose from the week of May 31 onwards on a "first-in, first out" basis, respecting the recommended intervals.

"These residents also have the option of booking their second dose sooner, should they be able to secure an earlier appointment at a community clinic, or through the Pharmacy channel".

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