Suspect who held hostages at Minnesota bank arrested

Suspect who held hostages at Minnesota bank arrested

Police identified the suspect as Ray Reco McNeary and said he was being held on charges related to the bank robbery and kidnapping. The branch manager of the bank called police because there was a disgruntled male customer in the business and he was concerned for the safety of the employees and customers, Anderson said.

A suspect who held five people captive during an eight-hour standoff at a Wells Fargo bank in St. Cloud, Minnesota, has been arrested, authorities said.

The FBI arrived on site, at the suspect's request, and worked directly with the St. Cloud police for the release of the hostages. Two women and a man later emerged from the bank and were led to safety.

Wells Fargo spokesperson Staci Schiller confirmed that there was an incident inside one of their branches. Around 7:00, a second hostage, also a woman came out. According to police scanner audio and a cell-phone video apparently posted by the suspect on one hostage's Facebook page, the suspect had a bank employee post a sticky note on a drive-through window with a phone number to call for negotiations.

The first woman ran from the bank toward members of a SWAT team with her hands up. Then, just before 8 p.m., a male bank employee emerged unharmed. "And so we actually will be reaching out to those victims here in the very near future to offer them some debriefing services". The chief said McNeary had asked police to call the FBI, and the federal agency was called and responded to the scene.

Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall did not provide details on charges for McNeary, but said she had been in contact with the US Attorney's office about the "most appropriate place for charges to be brought".

Dene Dryden contributed to this report.

All afternoon and evening, two armored vehicles stood by the bank's front door. One witness says he was in the bank's drive-through when a teller suddenly told him to leave, and says he saw other customers running out the front door as he did so.

Onlookers watch as law enforcement respond to a robbery and hostage situation inside St. Cloud's Wells Fargo Bank along 33rd Ave. on May 6, 2021.

The third of five hostages exits the Wells Fargo along 33rd Ave.

An unconfirmed number of bank employees and hostages are now being held inside the bank in the city of St. Cloud.

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