Airlines Press For Reopening Of U.S.-Canada Border

Airlines Press For Reopening Of U.S.-Canada Border

"We all understand that we want to get back to normal".

Still, there's a long way to go, Trudeau said - especially considering the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 variants of concern and their potential trajectories.

Trudeau reiterated that his priority is to keep Canadians safe from a fourth wave of COVID-19, which would be "devastating" for the economy and morale.

"Even though one dose has allowed us to significantly protect Canadians, to remove numerous pressures from our public health systems, it is still an incomplete protection and we need people to get the full two doses of their vaccines", he said.

The European Union is allowing travellers from a handful of countries to visit the continent this summer, and several of the bloc's members have their own rules layered on top of that about who needs a COVID-19 test before arrival.

The government should "clearly spell out how and when we will restart air travel between Canada and the USA, with the objective of releasing the plan prior to June 21", the National Airlines Council of Canada and Airlines for America said in a joint letter sent to three Canadian cabinet ministers. Just 6% have received two shots, but with vaccine supplies improving, the government has said all eligible Canadians will be able to be fully vaccinated by September this year. Now with summer around the corner and vaccination rates rising, lawmakers on both sides of the border are facing calls to lay out a plan for reopening.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki did little to suggest otherwise Tuesday.

"We need to have goals in order to open up the border".

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Trudeau made the revelation that the federal government is assessing how and when in the near future it will reopen the Canada-U.S. border more than 14 months after measures were first implemented.

"In our view, the vaccination campaigns in both countries have progressed to the point where it is time to revisit" the restrictions, said the group, which includes both the Canadian and USA chambers of commerce, the Business Council of Canada and the US -based National Retail Federation.

Trudeau is not providing details about what sorts of measures are in the works beyond insisting it will be a science-based decision.

In addition to removing the COVID-19 test and quarantine requirements, the business groups are also asking the Canadian and US governments to mutually recognize vaccine credentials to support the movement of inoculated citizens and produce a plan the includes clear guidelines for all other travelers.

US lawmakers have also been pestering the Biden administration to begin easing restrictions before the summer travel season begins in earnest.

"The difference between the protection of one dose of vaccine versus two doses of vaccine is quite significant", said Trudeau. "I think it would be an incentive to get vaccinated", Germain said. The business groups say the changes should take effect on June 22, the day after the renewal deadline for a pact that restricts travel between the two countries.

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