BLOCK: Brit saves twin by punching crocodile in face

BLOCK: Brit saves twin by punching crocodile in face

Like all horror stories, Georgia Laurie's started innocuously enough.

Certainly, it is the stuff of nightmares.

Melissa and Georgia Laurie's casual swim at a lagoon in Mexico turned frightening when a crocodile attacked the 28-year-old women. It is a hauntingly attractive place - a site of unspoilt natural beauty, its mangroves teem with Mexico's rich wildlife and birds.

It comes as it was revealed a rogue guide led the British sisters into the crocodile infested waters on an unlicensed tour. The bandage wrapped tightly around her wrist is evidence that she was right.

Local wildlife experts believe the sisters may have been attacked by a female crocodile protecting her eggs.

Meanwhile, Georgia, who punched the crocodile, has been discharged from hospital.

All of a sudden, Melissa was dragged underwater by a 10-ft crocodile and her sister found her face-down on the surface several minutes later.

As Georgia Laurie tried to carry her twin back to the boat, the crocodile attacked again.

She said Georgia "started hitting" the animal to save her sister and fought it off as it attacked again. A nearby boat with a different tour group, heard the cries and headed towards the commotion.

Lalo took me to the site where the attack happened and explained that properly-trained boatmen like him are anxious that the irresponsible actions of a rogue guide could harm their business.

The twins' parents Sue and Sean Laurie said both their daughters had severe bite injuries
The twins' parents Sue and Sean Laurie said both their daughters had severe bite injuries Credit Facebook

Puerto Escondido is a scenic tourist town in the southern state of Oaxaca. "We know that it's a place with a lot of [crocodiles]".

Once on board, it was clear that Melissa's injuries were life-threatening. Crocs try to drown their victims.

Georgia added, in a WhatsApp voice message to her family: 'She's been breathing on her own very well.

Speaking about Georgia's heroics, she said: "She was very fearless".

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Mail on Monday, the identical twins' parents, Sue and Sean Laurie, said Melissa is in a medically induced coma, though both women sustained bite injuries.

He said: "She called for her but she didn't reply".

Thankfully, Melissa has now emerged from the coma. She kept punching it in the head. The Mexican doctors and the British Embassy have been "great", Georgia says.

"We're still not out the woods - we're hoping that she has saved her life", she added. "It may have felt attacked", he said.

What she can count on - at least until her family arrives in Mexico - is the spirit of camaraderie among the other travellers and backpackers she is with. They left the United Kingdom in March and had planned to return home in November.

The "hero twin sister" label isn't sitting comfortably with Georgia just yet.

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